Teams First Information Architecture and Governance

Information Architecture planning has been an important topic for many years. In the past we focused on SharePoint as the ideal document repository for organizations to standardize on. Over the last few years though, Teams has become the primary collaboration focus for many. In this session we will be focusing on the collaboration aspect, and Microsoft's vision for that in the Modern Workplace.

When planning out or updating a Microsoft 365 implementation, SharePoint is still important, but it really needs to start with Teams, and then the underlying SharePoint structure for a big part flows out of that. It's not just answering planning questions, but also ensuring that everyone understands that Teams is much more than a meeting and chat platform. 

Topics we'll cover in this session include:

  • Introducing a maturity model on how organizations leverage Teams, SharePoint, Email, and OneDrive
  • Level setting on how the various Microsoft 365 tools work together
  • Understanding the differences between Standard, Private, and Shared Channels, and the underlying SharePoint site collections
  • Where do standalone Communication and Team Sites fit into the Teams and SharePoint structure
  • Guests versus B2B Direct Connect in Teams, and external sharing in SharePoint
  • Answering the question - what does a Team and a Channel represent in my organization
  • MindJet as a tool for planning your IA
  • Commercial and open-source Teams governance tools
  • Real-world scenarios and case studies

There's obviously a lot to cover in the above. This session can either be delivered as a 45 minute to 1:15 breakout session in lecture style, or as a much deeper three-hour workshop format with opportunity for hands-on exercises and tools.

Open source tools referenced include:

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