Power Platform Custom Connectors and Office 365 Forms Options Full Day Workshop

In this full day workshop we will spend the morning focused on custom connectors for Power Apps and Flow, and switch in Office 365 forms options for the afternoon.

Morning Session

  • What, why, and how of custom connectors for the Power Platform (Power Apps and Flow)
  • Walk-through of how to create your own custom connector, using the Yelp Fusion API as an example.  Full details of the walk-through are available at https://www.extranetusermanager.com/resources/articles/developing-custom-connectors-for-the-microsoft-power-platform.
  • Building a simple Power Apps App to leverage the Yelp Custom Connector
  • Creating a custom connector for your LOB API
    • What is Swagger and how does it help?
    • Custom actions
    • Triggers using web hooks
  • Leveraging the connector in a Microsoft Flow

Afternoon Session

  • Forms background questions
    • Who is building the forms – power users, citizen developers, or full-stack developers?
    • Are they targeted to internal, external, or anonymous users?
    • What are the forms integrating with, and what are the privacy and security requirements?
  • Office 365 forms options
    • Microsoft Forms and Forms Pro
    • Adaptive cards with input forms
    • Power Apps forms and apps
    • An SPFx and React form that dynamically generates its fields based on a SharePoint content type
    • An interactive, responsive HTML form built with Bootstrap and standard HTML 5 that posts to a Flow workflow