Open Source Approach to Teams Provisioning

Teams Provisioning and Automation Trailer 

While Microsoft's modern experience has really come together, there are so many ways to create Teams, Groups, and Sites.  Learn how to standardize both the approach and the result with an open sourced request form (SPFx), approvals (Logic Apps), and provisioning process (PowerShell, PnP, Azure Automation).

Microsoft teams sharing Logic Apps.jpg

Key features of the solution are:

  • Define different Teams and SharePoint templates that your users can easily choose from
  • Simple yet configurable request app that can be embedded in Teams and SharePoint
  • Approval workflows as needed
  • Define the channels and tabs for the Teams
  • Leverage PnP templates for the SharePoint structure
  • Provides consistency across Teams
  • Define metadata at the Team and Site level
  • Team and Site navigation app
  • Integrate external line of business applications
  • Reporting for full life-cycle management

All the free open-source resources needed to get this solution running in your environment are provided through GitHub as part of the session.

There's obviously a lot to cover in the above. This session can either be delivered as a 45 minute to 1:15 breakout session in lecture style, or as a much deeper three-hour workshop format with opportunity for hands-on exercises and tools.

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