Microsoft 365 Secure Development

Ensuring your development practices are secure is extremely important. We work with many clients and find there is a range of ways they work, some more secure than others. We have defined development practices that leverage the latest security from Microsoft and ensure all development is secure.

In this session we will cover:

  • Making Azure AD the centre of your application security
  • User identity versus service principals for programmatic access to Microsoft 365
  • What is appropriate to do in client-side JavaScript versus backend APIs or Logic Apps
  • Accessing SharePoint Online through JavaScript, C# .NET code, and PowerShell in Azure Automation
  • App only versus delegated access pros and cons on security, auditing, and SharePoint Online throttling
  • Common solution architecture scenarios
  • Scaling your Azure App Service for API performance, as well as mitigating SharePoint Online throttling

On the flip side, we wanted to further provide best practices when it comes to managing your software development life cycle with Microsoft 365.

Some of the main topics will include:

  • The importance of development, test, and production environments
  • Using Azure AD B2B to manage access to multiple environments
  • Azure DevOps Continuous Integration
    • Build and release pipelines to manage the building of complex Microsoft 365 solutions and deployments to multiple environments
    • Automation of the generation of ARM templates for deploying Azure Logic Apps, Azure Automations, and Runbooks
    • Deployment of Power BI dashboards
    • Automated regression testing as part of the pipeline
  • Using Git as a source control repository for SharePoint Framework, Logic Apps, Azure Automation, and Power BI
  • SharePoint lists to manage Azure subscriptions, Azure AD, and SharePoint site collections

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