Managing Boards and Committees in Teams and Microsoft 365

Board and committee management can be an onerous and time-consuming manual process for many organizations, both public and private alike. Often a board coordinator is tasked with package creation and distribution. And with remote meetings dominating the landscape, challenges arise on the best way to get meeting details and packages distributed to users. Attaching large PDFs can pose delivery issues, and it all needs to be done well in advance of the actual meeting.

For organizations that have made the decision to invest in the Microsoft 365 productivity suite, it is a simple decision to extend this to a board portal solution that leverages the full capability of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online. For scenarios where committee and board members are external, products such as our Extranet Portal and Extranet User Manager can provide a seamless on-boarding experience and package distribution to members.

In this session we will review a comprehensive Microsoft 365 board/committee solution. This will include:

  • Microsoft Teams are created for each board/committee as an internal communications hub for package creation
    • Board Coordinator is an owner of each team and are able to manage the members that have access to the team
    • Board Coordinator uses an online form in Extranet Portal to request a new meeting, providing the date and time
  • Meeting workflow
    • Creates the Teams online meeting
    • Creates the folder in SharePoint Online site for holding the meeting documents
    • Sets up the committee meeting page to display the meeting details and join link
    • Sends a calendar invitation to the committee members with all meeting details
  • Members join the meeting, either in person or online
  • Organizer uploads any follow-up documents such as meeting minutes
  • Workflow notifies members that the minutes are available in the portal
  • Members can browse through past meetings to review any documents