Build a Leave Request Process in 4 Steps with Forms, Power Automate, and Power BI

Providing employee self-service is a difficult to achieve goal for many organizations. It is still common to see downloadable PDF forms for many business processes. While there are many approaches and technologies available, as a no-code solution, Microsoft Forms and Power Automate is one of the simplest to implement, and yet is a real-world, secure, and scalable solution.

Intended for both citizen developers in the business and professional developers, we will go over the full solution end to end in four easy steps:

  1. Power Automate workflow to collect employee data and manager reporting structure from Azure Active Directory
  2. Microsoft Form that staff can fill out leave requests with a few simple fields
  3. Power Automate workflow for saving submissions in Microsoft Lists and routing to managers for approval through either Teams or email
  4. Power BI dashboard provides simple visuals to staff and managers for pending and approved requests and remaining and accrued allocations

You'll come out of the session with:

  • Considerations to make when designing an employee self-service form
  • A full understanding of how to implement the solution for your organization
  • A complete GitHub repo of all the resources needed at

There's obviously a lot to cover in the above. This session can either be delivered as a 45 minute to 1:15 breakout session in lecture style, or as a much deeper three-hour workshop format with opportunity for hands-on exercises and tools.

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