The Team


Any successful project starts with assembling a great team.  I'm blessed at Envision IT with no lack of strong team members to draw from for this project.  As we get deeper into the project the team members will likely grow to leverage individual strengths, but here is where we are starting.

Joe Seguin

  • Joe is our Director of Consulting Services
  • He leads the Senior Consulting team by example, drawing on six years of SharePoint experience
  • He is driving the information architecture and specification aspects of the project
  • As Project Manager, he also keeps us all on task to keep things moving forward according to plan

Jeff Clement

  • Jeff is our user experience star
  • Not only can he design and create fantastic concepts, but he can bring them to life through his impressive HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript skills
  • Jeff will be building out the wireframe and design concepts, as well as leading the implementation of those ideas

James Brett

  • James is one of our web developers, and brings 10 years of SharePoint experience to the table
  • He'll be working closely with Jeff to breathe life into the designs as they light them up in SharePoint 

Wes Kroesbergen

  • Wes is our system administrator
  • He is the quiet one in the background that you don't directly see the results of his work, but everything falls apart without him
  • Everything from the HyperV infrastructure to run all our VMs, to setting up and tweaking all the SharePoint farms, to being the point person on key features like search all fall to Wes

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