SharePoint Conference Session - With SharePoint 2010 Your Extranet is Easy


I've attended all of the SharePoint Conferences over the years, but this year's conference in Anaheim was special on two fronts.  It was a first time for us to be exhibiting on the show floor as we launched out the new brand on our products side of the business, and I was speaking for the first time at the conference.

I've spoken at numerous other events and confierences before, but SharePoint Conference was by far the biggest.  7,400 attendees from around the world is a big number, even if they are running up to 14 different tracks at the same time.  For the session the room was big, as was the crowd.

I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Brad Freels, who is a Senior Collaboration Technology Specialist with Microsoft US.  The title of our talk was "With SharePoint Your Extranet is Easy".  Brad took the front part of the talk to walk through the different types of Extranets and the decision points related to their complexity, and presented a roadmap for determining what is involved in implementing an Extranet.  I then took over and focused on how you provision Extranet users, and walked through a case study of our Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada project.

A copy of the presentation is available for viewing at SPC251 - With SharePoint Your Extranet is Easy.




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