SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Beta 2


If you've read my last post at Accessing SQL 2008 Express, you'll be up to date on our upgrade plans.  We've restored the database to our new environment, and we're ready to attach it.  Before starting that there are a few caveats:

  • We still haven't gotten our production web server updated with SP2.  I know we should, and we will shortly, but in the interim I used a content database from our development server.  You need to have SP2 installed on MOSS before you can upgrade to SP2010
  • Once you've got the content database restored, you attach it with an STSADM command.  To run that successfully (see the post above for the details) you need to run the command prompt as administrator.  Failing to do that gives you a "Access denied" when you run the STSADM -o addcontentdb command

Other than some complaints about missing features, that upgraded fine.  I wasn't ready to try installing 2007 features, so we just copied the required branding files that are normally installed by a feature (we'll do that properly later), edited the web.config to get all the controls loaded, and the site came up nicely.

Of course we're still running in the version 3 user experience, so now the task is to update the master page to work with the new user experience.  James Brett is one of our web developers, and that's his task now.  I'll post the results of that once they become available.

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