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For those of you who have also made it down to the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, you’ve no doubt been overwhelmed as well with the sheer quantity of information being presented.  With as many as 17 different sessions running at any one time (plus Hands On Labs and meetings), it can be hard to choose.  Needless to say there will be lots of reviewing of presentations after the fact once the videos are available.

Now that the NDA wraps are off of SharePoint 2010, I’m going to start publishing the notes I’ve been keeping over the last few months since we got Beta 1 running in our lab back in the summer.  What better way to further our evaluation than to actually use it to host this blog.  Yes Microsoft strongly recommends that you wait to Beta 2 before running anything on SharePoint 2010, but I’ve always pushed the envelope.  I’ll just have to make sure I keep good archives in case anything goes wrong, and to help with the transition to Beta 2 and RTM.

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