Rich Media Support in SharePoint 2013


​On December 4th I delivered a Webinar on Rich Media Support in SharePoint 2013.  I focused on enhancements to image and video support in the new platform, specifically:

Image renditions
  • Site owners can define standard sizes (renditions) for images that apply across the site
  • As content authors load and use images, SharePoint automatically creates these different renditions to optimize the site visitor's experience
  • Content authors can resize and crop images right in the browser, without the need for Photoshop or image management software
  • Video is becoming more and more important for both internal and external sites
  • 2013 has a new video content type that is actually a document set
  • Drag and drop a video into SharePoint, and the video and thumbnail (automatically extracted from the first frame) are put in the document set
  • Content authors can play the video in the browser, and select a different frame for the thumbnail, or upload their own
  • Additional video formats (renditions) can be loaded into the document set for playing back on different devices
  • Windows Azure Media Services further extends this by providing cloud-based transcoding (converting to different formats) and massively scaled streaming support (think London Olympics), as well as Smooth Streaming and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS, for Apple iOS adaptive streaming) support

Links to the presentation and video can be found below:

Presentation - Rich Media Support in SharePoint 2013 
Video - Rich Media Support in SharePoint 2013

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