Nick Bontis MBA KM Showcase at McMaster


For the second time the last few years I had a chance to present to Nick Bontis' MBA class at McMaster as part of his KM Showcase.  Both Nick and his KM class have built a great following, and it's always fun to join the other presenters and give our perspectives on Knowledge Management.

Normally Michael Herman from my team gives this talk (he and Nick have known each other back to Michael's days at Microsoft.  Michael is at the PDC, so I subbed in for him.  You can read more about the PDC on his blog at

Joining me to present were a mix of individuals:

  • Amit Bole - Accenture
  • Ashley Beattie - Department of National Defense
  • Martin Cleaver, Connie Crosby & Stephanie Barnes - Knowledge Workers Toronto
  • Julia Garboll - RIM - BlackBerry

All the talks were great.  In particular Martin, Connie, and Stephanie were talking on their successes building a KM community in Toronto called Knowledge Workers Toronto (  Martin also runs a Wiki group at  If you're interested in learning more about KM and networking, you should check one of them out.

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