Mobile SharePoint public sites V2


Having a SharePoint publishing site render well on a mobile device doesn't happen automatically.  SharePoint tries to optimize the experience on a mobile device, but this is really of benefit only to collaboration sites and a hindrance to publishing sites.

​In my previous Mobile SharePoint public sites post I described using the browserCaps option in the web.config.  This is actually not the best approach, and is no longer supported.  The current supported method is:

  1. Go to the web application folder on the web front end(s)
  2. Go into the App_Browsers folder
  3. Open the compat.browser in Notepad
  4. For each device that you want to turn the mobile experience off for, change the isMobileDevice to false

Typically I set the isMobileDevice value to false for all the sites.  I don't see the value of the mobile experience in this scenario, as it really isn't designed for publishing sites.

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