Envision IT and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada are Iron SharePoint Winners!


It's been a tough 48 hours, but the joint Envision IT and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada Iron SharePoint champions.  Okay so we were the only ones competing, but it literally was 48 hours of work, and an amazing result.  BGCC gets a huge start on their Intranet project, along with the $5,000 in prize money that we have donated to them (generously provided by SharePoint Summit).

We're still getting all the material organized (PowerPoints, collateral, blog posts, twitter feeds, videos, and even the live site), but here's the PowerPoint presentation we used to walk everyone through the solution today as a start.  Look for more over the next week as we pull all that together.

A huge thank you to my team (James Brett, Janusz Cieplucha, and Mike Beaudry from Envision IT and Peter Walker and Susan Bower from BGCC).  They were fantastic and really put the effort in.

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