Designing your SharePoint Extranet to work for you


​On April 19th I delivered a seminar over at Microsoft on the topic of SharePoint Extranets.

As more organizations recognize that an Extranet is a vital part of their web strategy, business partners are finding ways to dramatically improve on Extranet performance, functionality and user experience.

Microsoft SharePoint delivers a secure platform that allows a tailored approach towards achieving business goals with an Extranet. A SharePoint Extranet can support the following objectives:

  • Build an online community
  • Allow interaction between organization and customers, partners, vendors, and volunteers Reduce supply chain inefficiencies
  • Offer customer self-service strategies
  • Share business resources with partners

In this seminar, we demonstrated the latest technology enhancements and customizations for Extranet Portals that ensure organizations achieve their goals. We showed examples of how our clients are using SharePoint to transform their businesses, lower costs and maximize growth potential in a variety of scenarios:

As part of the session, we discussed the various ways to extend SharePoint 2010 outside your organization.  We will compare and contrast the following technical solutions, and outline where each is appropriate:

You can view the presentation by clicking on the following link:

Presentation - Designing your SharePoint Extranet to work for you

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