CollabCon 2015


CollabCon is coming next week to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  As well as playing host for the three days, I will be presenting two sessions and two half day workshops.  Check them all out at

Building a Website on SharePoint 2013

Tuesday 10:30 AM

Join Peter as he takes you through the full life cycle of creating a web site on SharePoint 2013, either in the cloud or on premises. This could be a corporate Intranet, or your public web site. Peter will draw on the many sites he's been involved with as part of the session, showing you not only what is possible, but how it is achieved. This session is suitable to both business users and developers, as he'll be keeping out of the code. He'll also explain the differences between what can be achieved on premises versus in the cloud in Office 365.

The session will be broken into the following sections:

  • Overview of Web Content Management in SharePoint 2013
  • Case Studies
  • Adaptive Design of the Site
  • Accessibility
  • SEO and Analytics
  • Application Lifecycle Management for SharePoint
  • Overview of the open source reference site

Collaborating with External Users

Tuesday 1:00 PM

SharePoint is a powerful tool for collaboration. This works well for users in your organization, but how do you extend it beyond the firewall? Approving and managing users, getting them their credentials, and dealing with forgotten passwords are some of the things that will frustrate both the business and IT. External sharing in Office 365 can make it easier when it works, but has little governance. Learn how to delegate this to the business, and provide a seamless single sign on experience for your external users, either on premise or in the cloud.

During this session we will cover the out of the box and extended experience in both SharePoint on premises and Office 365. Forms-based authentication, opening up your Active Directory, federation, and External Sharing in Office 365 are some of the options. We'll also go through a number of customer case studies as real world examples.

Goals you should have for your Extranet coming out of this session include:

  • Collaborate securely with your external users (partners, customers, vendors, donors, volunteers, etc.)
  • Allow users to register themselves, and the business to approve and manage without requiring IT
  • Provide single sign-on and password reset for on premises SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and other claims-aware applications
  • Users login using their email address as their username
  • Internal users are logged in seamlessly without having to enter their credentials again

SharePoint Extranets Half Day Workshop

Wednesday 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Collaboration doesn't end with your peers in your organization. Whether you are a for-profit company, not for profit, charity, or government organization, collaborating with you partners, vendors, customers, or volunteers is just as important.

In this session we will discuss different scenarios with SharePoint on premises and Office 365. We will go deeper into options for allowing users to register and be approved for access, login, deal with forgotten passwords, and manage their account. We'll provide guidance and steps you can follow to try this out yourself, and wrap the workshop up with some more sophisticated customer scenarios, including integration with other systems and single sign-on.

Workshop units are as follows:

  • Introduction and Extranets background
  • Office 365 Extranets using external sharing or federated users
  • SharePoint On Premises Extranets
  • Combining your Public Web Site and Extranet
  • User Registration and Approval
  • Single Sign-On

Customer Case Studies:

  • Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies Office 365 Extranet
  • Boys and Girls of Canada Public Website and Extranet
  • Supreme Court of Victoria Australia Case Management System
  • Kinross Gold Supplier Portal
  • Toronto Stock Exchange


Web Content Management Half Day Workshop

Wednesday 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

This session will go in-depth into the full life cycle of creating a web site on SharePoint 2013. While focused on public web sites, the same techniques apply to Intranets as well. The day will be broken into the following sections:

  • Overview of Web Content Management in SharePoint 2013
  • Design of the Site
  • Adaptive and Responsive Mobile First Design
  • Accessibility Considerations
  • Site Build
  • Infrastructure Build
  • Application Lifecycle Management for SharePoint with Team Foundation Server
  • Analytics

The focus for the day will be the reference site. This is a full project built from the ground up to fully leverage SharePoint 2013, and act as a reference for the techniques used. The full set of project artifacts are being made available under a Creative Commons license so that at the conclusion of the workshop you will have all of the tools needed to build and experience your own version of the site. Content available in the package includes:

  • All Design Files (MindMap, Axure Wireframes, Word specification, Adobe, and HTML Mock-Ups)
  • Full Branding Implementation using Twitter Bootstrap responsive design
  • All content (HTML pages, images, lists, term store, site structure)
  • Powershell Deployment Scripts

This package can be easily deployed to a Cloudshare SharePoint 2013 test environment, an on-premise farm, or into the cloud in Office 365.

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