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Excited to be presenting next week in both Teams and Virtual Reality at Commsverse. Originally intended as an in person conference in London, UK, it is now virtual. Mark Vale and his team at Commsverse have gone all in virtually, with 250+ Teams sessions across three regions and a Virtual Reality expo hall. Rob Buren and I are also doing a session in Virtual Reality.

The Expo Hall and Rob and my presentation are both being hosted in AltspaceVR, Microsoft's Virtual Reality meeting and presentation space. Turns out it is a little convoluted getting it all going, so I decided to put together the video below. Text notes follow below the video.

So here's the short and sweet (as best I can) of what I cover in the video.

  • AltspaceVR can be enjoyed in many different platforms. I focus on the PC and Oculus Rift Apps. These are the only two we've been successful with for the Commsverse Expo Hall
  • You can also experience the Expo with the Oculus Quest, but you need a gaming PC, Oculus Link cable, and Rift software on your PC. More details below
  • You should be able to join Rob and my presentation (see below) on the Quest, it is a smaller world than the Expo
  • You have to follow three distinct steps in three versions of the app to get the Expo going in your Rift
    • AltspaceVR PC App
      • Install the AltspaceVR app on your PC from the WIndows 10 Store
      • Sign up for an account (it's free)
      • Turn on Early Access for your account
    • Browser on the PC
    • Oculus Rift
      • Install the AltspaceVR app to your Rift library
      • Launch the app and sign in
      • Click on menu and then on the 'Worlds' option
      • Click on 'Favorites' - here you should see the Expo Hall
      • Enter the Expo
More details from Commsverse on setting up AltspaceVR are available at

Setting up the Oculus Link for the Quest

Here's the links and details for setting up the Quest to run the Rift software from your PC.

My Sessions at Commsverse

Session 1: Teams and Office 365 External users - Unstructured and Structured
 July 6, 6PM EDT
 July 8, 7AM EDT

Teams and Office 365 external sharing is all about publishing or collaborating with people outside of your organization. In this session we will cover both configuring sharing appropriately, and the user experience for both content sharers and recipients.

Session 2: Teams, Office 365 Groups and Modern Sites Provisioning and Governance with SPFx, Logic Apps and Azure Automation 
 July 7, 3PM EDT
 July 8, 11AM EDT

While Microsoft's modern experience has really come together, there are so many ways to creates Teams, Groups, and Sites.  Learn how to standardize both the approach and the result with an open sourced request form (SPFx), approvals (Logic Apps), and provisioning process (PowerShell, PnP, Azure Automation).

Session: VRxTherapy - Leveraging virtual reality to reduce and eliminate pain 

July 7, 7 PM EDT

Join Robert Buren and Peter Carson as they discuss their project to leverage VR to reduce or even eliminate neuropathic pain experienced by those with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), amputees, or other nerve related injuries. With the launch of the new site, they are making the work they and others are doing freely available. 


Here is a link to the session:

Expo Hall

Come and meet the Extranet User Manager team in the virtual Exhibition Hall and enter for a chance to win an Oculus Quest. (Note that you'll need 5 minutes to walk through the pre-requisites. Instructions are here at

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