2010 Publishing Site Upgrade to SharePoint 2013 Talks


It's time to start getting my Fall speaking schedule in place, and my first talks to get booked are on upgrading a SharePoint 2010 publishing site to SharePoint 2013, along with an overview of the changes and new features in Web Content Management (WCM) in SharePoint 2013.

The first part of the talk will be a discussion of the process for upgrading a site to 2013, as well as a live demo of that process using this blog site.  The main steps I'll be following are:

  1. Building the 2013 farm (briefly, this is a whole topic on its own)
  2. Attaching a backup of the 2010 content database to 2013
  3. Performing the Site Collection Upgrade
  4. Updating the branding with the new Design Manager

The second half of the talk will be a walk-through of some of the cool new features in 2013 from a WCM perspective.  These include:

  • Branding changes with Design Manager
  • Much improved Word cut and paste
  • Video content types
  • Image renditions (automatically generated resized versions of images for different purposes, such as web friendly, thumbnail, or full fidelity for download)
  • Content search web parts versus content query web parts
  • Catalog-enabled libraries and lists versus reusable content
  • Friendly URLs
  • Design channels for different devices

 You can come see this talk at the following venues:

  • TSPUG Wed Sept 19, 2012 6:00 PM
  • HSPUG Thu Sept 20, 2012 6:00 PM

 I repeated the same talk in person at Microsoft Canada and as a webinar the following week.  Presentations and recordings are available at www.envisionit.com/events-and-news/events/seminar-sharepoint-2010-2013-web-content-management-september-2012.

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