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  • Dec.04.2012

    ​On December 4th I delivered a Webinar on Rich Media Support in SharePoint 2013.  I focused on enhancements to image and video support in the new platform, specifically:

    Image renditions
    • Site owners can define standard sizes (renditions) for images that apply across the site
    • As content authors load and use images, SharePoint automatically creates these different renditions to optimize the site visitor's experience
    • Content authors can resize and crop images right in the browser, without the need for Photoshop or image management software
    • Video is becoming more and more important for both internal and external sites
    • 2013 has a new video content type that is actually a document set
    • Drag and drop a video into SharePoint, and the video and thumbnail (automatically extracted from the first frame) are put in the document set
    • Content authors can play the video in the browser, and select a different frame for the thumbnail, or upload their own
    • Additional video formats (renditions) can be loaded into the document set for playing back on different devices
    • Windows Azure Media Services further extends this by providing cloud-based transcoding (converting to different formats) and massively scaled streaming support (think London Olympics), as well as Smooth Streaming and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS, for Apple iOS adaptive streaming) support

    Links to the presentation and video can be found below:

    Presentation - Rich Media Support in SharePoint 2013 
    Video - Rich Media Support in SharePoint 2013

  • Dec.04.2012

    On December 4th I ​delivered a Webinar on Extranets in SharePoint 2013, and also spoke to the licensing changes that will really change the game for both Extranets and public web sites. For on-premise installations, Microsoft is eliminating the For Internet Sites license requirement, bringing the licensing costs down significantly. Likewise in the cloud, Microsoft now provides up to 10,000 external user accounts for Extranets in Office 365, with no additional subscription fees.

    More details about the webinar as well as links to the presentation and video can be found below

    Presentation - Extranets in SharePoint 2013
    Video - Extranets in SharePoint 2013

  • Nov.29.2012

    On November 29th I delivered a Webcast on SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites (FIS) on Windows Azure with Stephen Giles,​ Partner Technology Advisor of Microsoft Canada. Envision IT is now an Azure Circle Partner, and we see Cloud solutions as an affordable way for organizations to stay connected and flexible while increasing productivity and growing their business.

    SharePoint 2010 FIS on  Azure enables you to

    • Rapidly deploy and host your business websites on a secure, scalable cloud infrastructure
    • Rapidly deploy the infrastructure for a partner extranet site
    • Rapidly deploy the infrastructure for a customer internet site using Windows Azure virtual machines

    With SharePoint FIS on Windows Azure you can scale as your website traffic grows and pay only for what you use.

    In this session we discussed how SharePoint FIS on Windows Azure helps reduce your time-to-market with new websites, provide a full extensible platform for both internal and external websites, and only pay for what you need.

    We also showcased the consultation and deployment options available for you from Envision IT. 

    You can view the presentation at the link below

    SharePoint FIS on Azure

  • Nov.06.2012

    ​On November 6th I delivered a Webinar on SharePoint 2013 and the Envision IT Digital Marketing Suite of Products. I demonstrated how images and videos are handled in SharePoint 2013, and showed how the Digital Marketing Suite of Products help make SharePoint easier to use and provide a richer end user experience.

    • Video Player allows you to stream videos from a variety of sources onto different devices
    • Photo Viewer provides easier sharing and management of images
    • Image Rotator allows images that are stored in a SharePoint Asset Library to be displayed in rotating sequence on a web site
    • Custom 404 will help eliminate 404 errors, broken or missing links, and mistyped URLs

    You can view the presentation from the link below

    Presentation - SharePoint 2013 and the Digital Marketing Suite

  • Oct.30.2012

    ​On October 30th I delivered a Webinar on What's new in Search in SharePoint 2013.

    Microsoft has made and continues to make massive investments in Search in SharePoint.  Following the acquisition of FAST in 2008, portions of the FAST search technology made its way into SharePoint Search, but FAST remained as a separate product.  For SharePoint 2013, there is only SharePoint Search, combining the power of FAST and the work that Microsoft has been doing to go beyond that.

    Some of the key features highlighted are:

    • Architecture and scalability
    • 2013 Search user experience
      • Live Office Preview using with integration of Office Web Applications
      • Customization of the search presentation, using HTML display templates rather than XSLT
      • Concept of Search Verticals
      • Managed Metadata driven refinement
    • The new Content Search web part - killer replacement for the Content Query web part
    • Topic pages - leveraging managed Metadata Navigation, Content By Search web part and Improved Keyword Query Language
    • Cross-site publishing to share content between sites or even farms, by leveraging search
    • SEO enhancements - end user and search engine friendly URLs, on page SEO properties, auto-generated XML site map
    • Usage Analytics - feeding right back into Search, usage based ranking, no. of views information in search results
    • Top Viewed Pages - pre-configured Content Search web part

    You can view the presentation and video at the links below:

    Presentation - What's New in Search 2013
    Video - What's New in Search 2013

  • Oct.23.2012

    ​On October 23rd I delivered a Webinar on Extranets in SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

    As more organizations recognize than an Extranet is a vital part of their web strategy, business partners are finding ways to dramatically improve on Extranet performance, functionality and user experience.

    Microsoft SharePoint delivers a secure platform that allows a tailored approach towards achieving business goals with an Extranet. A SharePoint Extranet can support the following objectives:

    • Build an online community
    • Allow interaction between organization and customers, partners, vendors, and volunteers
    • Reduce supply chain inefficiencies
    • Offer customer self-service strategies
    • Share business resources with partners

    In this webinar, we demonstrated the latest technology enhancements and customizations for Extranet Portals that ensure organizations achieve their goals. We showcased how our clients are using SharePoint to transform their businesses, lower costs and maximize growth potential in a variety of scenarios:

    We also discussed the various ways to extend SharePoint outside your organization.  We compared and contrasted the following technical solutions, and outlined where each is appropriate:

    You can view the presentation and video from the links below:

    Presentation - Extranets in SharePoint 2010 and 2013
    Video - Extranets in SharePoint 2010 and 2013

  • Sep.27.2012

    ​On September 27th I delivered a seminar at Microsoft with a simultaneous live webinar on Web Content Management in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

    We explored what's new for SharePoint 2013, particularly as it applies to Web Content Management and upgrading to the new platform from SharePoint 2010. Some of the exciting features demonstrated were:

    • Design Manager - Build and manage your branding with any web design tool
    • Channels - Tailor your content to the device or browser
    • Managed Navigation
    • Customizing search with HTML display templates
    • The new Content Search Web Part
    • Image Renditions - Manage your web-friendly images through the browser
    • Cross-Site Publishing - Share your content between Intranet and public web site
    • SEO and Analytics Enhancements
    • Improved content author user experience

    We also looked into enhancing the experience in both 2010 and 2013 with our Digital Marketing Suite, Microsoft’s exciting announcements around Azure Media Services and SharePoint on Azure, and how you upgrade your 2010 publishing sites to SharePoint 2013.

    You can view the presentations and videos from the link below:

    Web Content Management in SharePoint 2010 and 2013

  • Jun.11.2012

    ​Last week we wrapped up a very successful series of webinars that ran from April through to June.  The topic was Extranets, with a focus on our Envision IT Extranet User Manager Product.  We had more than 500 people register.

    You can see the full agenda for the webinar, along with the slide deck and a full video recording of the webinar, by visiting the Envision IT Extranet Webinar page.

  • Apr.15.2011

    For those of you that didn't get a chance to get out to SharePoint Saturday in Mississauga in December, I repeated the Extranet session in a webinar today.  I've posted a PDF version of the deck.  Look for the video shortly.

    You can check out the other presentations and videos at  For details on the webinar series go to

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