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  • Mar.04.2014

    Day two of SPC 2014.  Favourite session today was the Office Video one presented by Gerald Ferry & Marc Mroz.

    Office Video is just starting Preview, which means you have to ask to try it, and it is not yet intended for production use.  General Availability timing hasn't been set yet, but I know of a number of our clients that will be pushing to get their hands on it.

    We've been looking for an easy to use video platform for several years now.  YouTube is certainly easy, but it doesn't provide much control over the experience, and it certainly isn't appropriate for internal content.  Vimeo is very nice, but it isn't integrated into SharePoint.  For those of you that know our product portfolio, Video Player is a good platform for presenting videos in SharePoint, but it doesn't provide the content author experience, which is where a lot of the challenges are.  We've been working with Azure Media Services for several years now, but while it now solves the encoding challenges of making videos available on the web, it still really lacked finesse for the content authors.

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