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  • May.08.2014

    ​Last day of the conference and my second talk is in the can.  This one was on Office 365 REST APIs.  It started with some background and history on APIs, and then dove into the Documents API for SharePoint.  We then went into the Search API, and talked about REST and Search Driven Apps.  Some customer samples were presented, and then we proceeded into the bewildering world of authentication with REST and Apps.  This included Form Digest, OAuth, High Trust (Server to Server), Office 365's new Common Consent Framework, the Graph API, rolling your own REST, JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and frameworks such as AngualrJS and KnockoutJS.

    A lot to cover, including getting right into the code and walking through how it works.  The ESPC14 TH3 Office 365 REST APIs presentation is available for download.

  • Oct.30.2012

    ​On October 30th I delivered a Webinar on What's new in Search in SharePoint 2013.

    Microsoft has made and continues to make massive investments in Search in SharePoint.  Following the acquisition of FAST in 2008, portions of the FAST search technology made its way into SharePoint Search, but FAST remained as a separate product.  For SharePoint 2013, there is only SharePoint Search, combining the power of FAST and the work that Microsoft has been doing to go beyond that.

    Some of the key features highlighted are:

    • Architecture and scalability
    • 2013 Search user experience
      • Live Office Preview using with integration of Office Web Applications
      • Customization of the search presentation, using HTML display templates rather than XSLT
      • Concept of Search Verticals
      • Managed Metadata driven refinement
    • The new Content Search web part - killer replacement for the Content Query web part
    • Topic pages - leveraging managed Metadata Navigation, Content By Search web part and Improved Keyword Query Language
    • Cross-site publishing to share content between sites or even farms, by leveraging search
    • SEO enhancements - end user and search engine friendly URLs, on page SEO properties, auto-generated XML site map
    • Usage Analytics - feeding right back into Search, usage based ranking, no. of views information in search results
    • Top Viewed Pages - pre-configured Content Search web part

    You can view the presentation and video at the links below:

    Presentation - What's New in Search 2013
    Video - What's New in Search 2013

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