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  • Feb.15.2012

    ​SharePoint has become mission critical, complex, and wide-ranging in most enterprises. How do we apply the best practices of ALM in this environment? In this session I cover the following:

    • System Center Virtual Machine Manager and AutoSPInstall to quickly provision dev, test, and production farms by leveraging HyperV
    • Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server to manage an Agile Scrum team
    • Build servers and automated testing to create a continuous integration environment
    • Moving code and content in both directions through a dev/test/prod lifecycle
    • How to capture as much of the SharePoint configuration in components that can be deployed, rather than manual steps

    The goal is to build a change management process that merges the content authored in production with the code written in development effectively. 

    ​Key Learnings

    • How to create an environment to support your SharePoint Development and QA teams
    • Agile and continuous integration in a SharePoint environment
    • The value of automated testing
    • Demonstration
    • Provisioning of test environments through SCVMM
    • Live automated build and test scenario

    The Application Lifecycle Management for SharePoint in the Enterprise deck is available for download. 




    Details on session dates can be found at


  • Mar.08.2010

    So it's official!  Stephen Elop, President of the Microsoft Business Division, will announce the launch of Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 on May 12, 2010 at 11 a.m. EST.  For more details on this go to

  • Nov.17.2009

    I got the email from Microsoft that the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta is now available.  This is an early release for members of the Technical Preview (which we are), but I believe general availability will happen tomorrow (November 18th).

    The download wasn't too bad.  A couple of hours and I had images for SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010, Office Professional, Project, Visio, SharePoint Designer, and the Office Web Applications.

    There is no upgrade path from the Technical Preview to the public beta, so our first step was to get a new clean server setup.  I love HyperV for this kind of work.  We have a development server with quad quad-core procs, 64 Gb RAM and lots of disk.  We can spin up 25+ servers on the one box for development and testing work.  Mark Campbell from my team fired up a clean Windows Server 2008 SP2 image, got it all patched up for me, and I was set to go.

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  • Oct.29.2009

    I’ve been meaning to get connected to the local SharePoint community for some time now.  I’ve heard good things about the Toronto SharePoint Users Group (TSPUG), and last night I decided to get out to a meeting.  Savash Alic from Microsoft Canada was out to give the first peaks at SharePoint 2010.  I had gotten to the SharePoint conference last week in Las Vegas so I had heard a much of the information, but there was just so much content in Vegas that there was no way you could get to it all.  Savash did a great job at hitting some of the highlights.  That is always a challenge, as SharePoint has become so big, there is no way you could remotely touch on it all in 90 minutes.

    If you’re interested in joining the community, I would encourage you to check out their site at  And for those of you that are in the west end and would rather not make the trek downtown, there is also a new Mississauga SharePoint User Group getting going.  I missed their inaugural meeting this past Monday, but their site is being graciously hosted by the Toronto group at  I plan on getting involved there as well, as we are based in Mississauga, right across from the Microsoft Canada offices.

  • Oct.20.2009

    For those of you who have also made it down to the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, you’ve no doubt been overwhelmed as well with the sheer quantity of information being presented.  With as many as 17 different sessions running at any one time (plus Hands On Labs and meetings), it can be hard to choose.  Needless to say there will be lots of reviewing of presentations after the fact once the videos are available.

    Now that the NDA wraps are off of SharePoint 2010, I’m going to start publishing the notes I’ve been keeping over the last few months since we got Beta 1 running in our lab back in the summer.  What better way to further our evaluation than to actually use it to host this blog.  Yes Microsoft strongly recommends that you wait to Beta 2 before running anything on SharePoint 2010, but I’ve always pushed the envelope.  I’ll just have to make sure I keep good archives in case anything goes wrong, and to help with the transition to Beta 2 and RTM.

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