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  • Apr.11.2015

    ​​Traditionally we've published anonymous web sites on http (port 80).  This is unencrypted, and the logic is we don't want to incur the overhead of encrypting and unencrypting what is essentially public information.  This saves resources on both the server and the client browser.  Authenticated or payment sites generally use https, which is encrypted and secure.

    The reality today is that SSL encryption is no longer an expensive operation, and both the web servers and client browsers have more than enough horsepower to deal with it.  Yes you can offload the SSL encryption off the web server to improve its performance, but I don't generally see the need for that.

    There have been recent changes in the treatment of http web sites by Google. 

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  • Sep.27.2012

    ​On September 27th I delivered a seminar at Microsoft with a simultaneous live webinar on Web Content Management in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

    We explored what's new for SharePoint 2013, particularly as it applies to Web Content Management and upgrading to the new platform from SharePoint 2010. Some of the exciting features demonstrated were:

    • Design Manager - Build and manage your branding with any web design tool
    • Channels - Tailor your content to the device or browser
    • Managed Navigation
    • Customizing search with HTML display templates
    • The new Content Search Web Part
    • Image Renditions - Manage your web-friendly images through the browser
    • Cross-Site Publishing - Share your content between Intranet and public web site
    • SEO and Analytics Enhancements
    • Improved content author user experience

    We also looked into enhancing the experience in both 2010 and 2013 with our Digital Marketing Suite, Microsoft’s exciting announcements around Azure Media Services and SharePoint on Azure, and how you upgrade your 2010 publishing sites to SharePoint 2013.

    You can view the presentations and videos from the link below:

    Web Content Management in SharePoint 2010 and 2013

  • Jun.14.2012

    ​On June 14th I delivered a seminar at Microsoft on Creating Dynamic Web Sites with SharePoint Web Content Management.

    Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful platform for creating rich internet web sites that put you ahead of your competition. Many organizations are already familiar with SharePoint’s collaboration capabilities; in this seminar we demonstrated how you can leverage SharePoint Web Content Management capabilities to:

    • Allow business users to easily maintain content
    • Create dynamic sites with modern creative designs and branding
    • Keep customers engaged with social media
    • Create rich content including video and images
    • Customize your site to specific visitors
    • Provide a rich interactive user experience
    • Manage content from multiple sources
    • Decrease costs by leveraging SharePoint for your Internet, Extranet, Intranet and collaboration needs
    • Ensure a broader reach with sites that offer multilingual support, cross-browser and mobile functionality and W3C accessibility
    • Learn about search engine optimization and web analytics

    Showcasing some of the client sites Envision IT has built, we demonstrated WCM key features in SharePoint, some SEO optimization techniques and best practices, and use of Social Media. You can view the presentation by clicking the link below:

    Presentation - Create Dynamic Web Sites with SharePoint Web Content Management

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