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  • Dec.04.2012

    ​On December 4th I delivered a Webinar on Rich Media Support in SharePoint 2013.  I focused on enhancements to image and video support in the new platform, specifically:

    Image renditions
    • Site owners can define standard sizes (renditions) for images that apply across the site
    • As content authors load and use images, SharePoint automatically creates these different renditions to optimize the site visitor's experience
    • Content authors can resize and crop images right in the browser, without the need for Photoshop or image management software
    • Video is becoming more and more important for both internal and external sites
    • 2013 has a new video content type that is actually a document set
    • Drag and drop a video into SharePoint, and the video and thumbnail (automatically extracted from the first frame) are put in the document set
    • Content authors can play the video in the browser, and select a different frame for the thumbnail, or upload their own
    • Additional video formats (renditions) can be loaded into the document set for playing back on different devices
    • Windows Azure Media Services further extends this by providing cloud-based transcoding (converting to different formats) and massively scaled streaming support (think London Olympics), as well as Smooth Streaming and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS, for Apple iOS adaptive streaming) support

    Links to the presentation and video can be found below:

    Presentation - Rich Media Support in SharePoint 2013 
    Video - Rich Media Support in SharePoint 2013

  • Nov.06.2012

    ​On November 6th I delivered a Webinar on SharePoint 2013 and the Envision IT Digital Marketing Suite of Products. I demonstrated how images and videos are handled in SharePoint 2013, and showed how the Digital Marketing Suite of Products help make SharePoint easier to use and provide a richer end user experience.

    • Video Player allows you to stream videos from a variety of sources onto different devices
    • Photo Viewer provides easier sharing and management of images
    • Image Rotator allows images that are stored in a SharePoint Asset Library to be displayed in rotating sequence on a web site
    • Custom 404 will help eliminate 404 errors, broken or missing links, and mistyped URLs

    You can view the presentation from the link below

    Presentation - SharePoint 2013 and the Digital Marketing Suite

  • Sep.27.2012

    ​On September 27th I delivered a seminar at Microsoft with a simultaneous live webinar on Web Content Management in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

    We explored what's new for SharePoint 2013, particularly as it applies to Web Content Management and upgrading to the new platform from SharePoint 2010. Some of the exciting features demonstrated were:

    • Design Manager - Build and manage your branding with any web design tool
    • Channels - Tailor your content to the device or browser
    • Managed Navigation
    • Customizing search with HTML display templates
    • The new Content Search Web Part
    • Image Renditions - Manage your web-friendly images through the browser
    • Cross-Site Publishing - Share your content between Intranet and public web site
    • SEO and Analytics Enhancements
    • Improved content author user experience

    We also looked into enhancing the experience in both 2010 and 2013 with our Digital Marketing Suite, Microsoft’s exciting announcements around Azure Media Services and SharePoint on Azure, and how you upgrade your 2010 publishing sites to SharePoint 2013.

    You can view the presentations and videos from the link below:

    Web Content Management in SharePoint 2010 and 2013

  • Mar.20.2012

    ​This week I had the pleasure of attending Convergence 2012 in Houston, Texas, the big event for the Microsoft Dynamics Community. On Tuesday I delivered 2 sessions on Trends in Digital Marketing: How Microsoft SharePoint Powers the Internet, together with Geoffrey Edge of Microsoft and Didier Oliver.

    My session focused on the work Envision IT has done with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, developing a public web site with members Extranet. I demonstrated how the solution integrates Dynamics CRM into their public site to expose details from their database on their Clubs and key contacts, while feeding back information from registered donors and members through the Extranet to the database.

    Key learnings included:

    • A real life customer web experience using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Commerce Server, and SharePoint
    • Digital marketing trends
    • SharePoint internet capabilities and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration

    You can click the links below for more information:

    Presentation - Trends in Digital Marketing-How SharePoint Powers the Internet
    Learn more about the solution Envision IT developed for Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

  • Sep.20.2011

    It's been a while since I've posted. It hasn't been for lack of things to write about, but rather a lack of time. Hopefully I'll be able to address that over the next while.

    I've been working on a better way to publish video content in SharePoint for some time now. Sure there is a Silverlight video player web part, but it doesn't address all the platforms that may be consuming that content. Silverlight is a great video streaming client, but it only works on PC and Mac browsers. With tablets and mobile exploding, we need to support them as well.

    I started thinking about ow best to support video, and naturally that needed to work in HTML5 support. The latest browsers for the most part all support video in HTML5, both on PC/Mac platforms and mobile/tablet. The question was how to tailor the page to the device, and also support older browsers and devices.

    I decided to support the following hierarchy of players in the page that I was designing.

    • Silverlight
    • HTML5
    • Flash
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  • Oct.29.2009

    Digital asset management is something of particular interest to me.  For those of you that aren’t aware, at Envision IT we have a number of products for image management.  You can see them at  So naturally I was very interested in what was new in SP2010 for image management.

    I’ll save the image management changes with respect to web content management (WCM) for another post (there’s lots there too).  Here I want to focus on the changes to the picture library.

    For those of you that are familiar with picture libraries in MOSS 2007, you may understand that they were really second class document libraries.  Things like major/minor versions and content approvals didn’t exist in them.  Ever wonder why the Images and Site Collection Images libraries in the MOSS publishing template are not picture libraries, but rather just document libraries.  Unfortunately that means you lose the great picture library features like automatic thumbnail and web-friendly image generation, and picture metadata extraction (like image size).

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