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  • May.28.2014

     I am riding again in this year's Ride to Conquer Cancer June 7-8. For those not familiar with the ride, it is a 200 km ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls, split over the Saturday and Sunday. Yes there are other directions now that you can take, but I’m going to stick with the classic route that I did in 2010 and 2011. It really is an incredible experience to be out with a group of several thousand riders, all pedaling to support the work of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, one of the top 5 cancer research centres​ in the world.

    I'm dedicating this year's ride to my Dad, who lost his battle with colon cancer this past February. Help support this great cause by donating at the link below. 

    Funds raised in The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer will support breakthrough research, exemplary teaching, and compassionate care at Princess Margaret.

    For those of you with a keen eye for bikes, you will notice that the bike to the left is my classic Rocky Mountain road bike. My son Brett has inherited it, and is now commuting 2-3 times a week to my office where he is working this summer. I’ll be running my Cervelo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t mix it up again and add some additional miles to the front and/or back of this year’s ride for old time’s sake. 

  • May.27.2014

    ​I was speaking today on Cloud Business Apps at the SharePoint Summit in Toronto.  This was a combination of a developer and customer case study talk.  It went through the different approaches and lessons learned from three client projects:

    • SharePoint 2010 Extranet portal for Toronto Stock Exchange
      • Customized SharePoint forms on a SharePoint list
      • Integration of forms
      • JSON and Knockout implementation of an Event Calendar in SharePoint 2010
    • Self-service HR forms for Baxter Canada
      • Provider-hosted high-trust apps in an on premise SharePoint 2013
    • Case management system for the Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia
      • The journey starts with Office 365, a custom identity provider, and provider hosted apps in Azure
      • Ultimately we landed on a combination of REST APIs and Knockout non-SharePoint apps, and a number of full-trust web parts, all hosted in RackSpace

    The SharePoint Summit Cloud Business Apps deck is available for download.

  • May.08.2014

    ​Last day of the conference and my second talk is in the can.  This one was on Office 365 REST APIs.  It started with some background and history on APIs, and then dove into the Documents API for SharePoint.  We then went into the Search API, and talked about REST and Search Driven Apps.  Some customer samples were presented, and then we proceeded into the bewildering world of authentication with REST and Apps.  This included Form Digest, OAuth, High Trust (Server to Server), Office 365's new Common Consent Framework, the Graph API, rolling your own REST, JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and frameworks such as AngualrJS and KnockoutJS.

    A lot to cover, including getting right into the code and walking through how it works.  The ESPC14 TH3 Office 365 REST APIs presentation is available for download.

  • May.07.2014

    ​It's been a whirlwind trip to Barcelona for the European SharePoint Conference 2014.  It's bee a great event, very well organized and a fantastic lineup of speakers from around the world.

    I did two talks, and this was the first one.  Titled Cloud Business Apps, it a case study of Apps work we're currently doing on client projects.  The three clients highlighted are:

    • Toronto Stock Exchange
    • Baxter Canada
    • Supreme Court of Victoria

    The ESPC14 W7X Cloud Business Apps presentation is available for download.

  • Feb.02.2013

    ​SharePoint Saturday Montreal was a great event on February 2, 2013.  You can go to the event page at to see all about it.  Serge Tremblay, Nicolas Georgeault. Alain Lord, Philippe Ouellet, and Benjamin Niaulin did a fantastic job organizing.  Not only was the venue ideal, the Wi-Fi solid, and the speakers delivering both English and French sessions, but they even had Montreal's famous Schwartz's Deli serving Montreal smoked meat sandwiches for lunch - awesome.

    I gave two talks at the event.  The first was my Extranets in SharePoint, and the second was Upgrading and Migrating to SharePoint 2013.  Links to the presentations can be found below.

    Sessions were only 45 minutes long, and there was a lot of material to pack in.  Particularly for the upgrade talk, I didn't get into any of the special upgrade considerations like My Sites, User Profiles, or Search.  I promise to start blogging more frequently again, and expand on these topics shortly.


  • Dec.01.2012

    ​SharePoint Saturday Ottawa on December 1st was a great day packed with sessions, and as expected, the focus and buzz was all on SharePoint 2013. You can find full coverage of the day's events at

    Envision IT was a sponsor at the event, and I delivered 2 presentations on Extranets in SharePoint 2013 and Rich Media Support in SharePoint 2013.  You can view presentations and videos of my sessions on the event page here:

    SharePoint Saturday Ottawa



  • Oct.09.2012

    On October 9, 2012, I delivered a presentation on Risk and Controls related to SharePoint at the Toronto Chapter of ISACA in Kitchener.

    This session explored SharePoint Governance, auditing support and infrastructure.

    [Read More]
  • Mar.20.2012

    ​This week I had the pleasure of attending Convergence 2012 in Houston, Texas, the big event for the Microsoft Dynamics Community. On Tuesday I delivered 2 sessions on Trends in Digital Marketing: How Microsoft SharePoint Powers the Internet, together with Geoffrey Edge of Microsoft and Didier Oliver.

    My session focused on the work Envision IT has done with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, developing a public web site with members Extranet. I demonstrated how the solution integrates Dynamics CRM into their public site to expose details from their database on their Clubs and key contacts, while feeding back information from registered donors and members through the Extranet to the database.

    Key learnings included:

    • A real life customer web experience using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Commerce Server, and SharePoint
    • Digital marketing trends
    • SharePoint internet capabilities and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration

    You can click the links below for more information:

    Presentation - Trends in Digital Marketing-How SharePoint Powers the Internet
    Learn more about the solution Envision IT developed for Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

  • Feb.15.2012

    ​SharePoint has become mission critical, complex, and wide-ranging in most enterprises. How do we apply the best practices of ALM in this environment? In this session I cover the following:

    • System Center Virtual Machine Manager and AutoSPInstall to quickly provision dev, test, and production farms by leveraging HyperV
    • Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server to manage an Agile Scrum team
    • Build servers and automated testing to create a continuous integration environment
    • Moving code and content in both directions through a dev/test/prod lifecycle
    • How to capture as much of the SharePoint configuration in components that can be deployed, rather than manual steps

    The goal is to build a change management process that merges the content authored in production with the code written in development effectively. 

    ​Key Learnings

    • How to create an environment to support your SharePoint Development and QA teams
    • Agile and continuous integration in a SharePoint environment
    • The value of automated testing
    • Demonstration
    • Provisioning of test environments through SCVMM
    • Live automated build and test scenario

    The Application Lifecycle Management for SharePoint in the Enterprise deck is available for download. 




    Details on session dates can be found at


  • Nov.12.2011

    The Toronto SharePoint Camp was a great success.  We had lots of great speakers and attendees out.  For more details on the event, please visit  You can also check out pictures from the event on my post at Toronto SharePoint Camp 2011 Pictures

    As promised I'm providing a lot of the content I showed.  This includes a new Excel worksheet for planning out SharePoint ADFS implements that actually generates the required PowerShell script needed to complete the installation.  Check them out here:

    For those of you in the Vancouver and Montreal areas, I will also be delivering this talk at those TechDays, on November 15-16, and 29-30, respectively.


  • Nov.12.2011
    ​View or download the pictures from the event in our interactive Silverlight PhotoViewer web part. ... [Read More]
  • Nov.10.2011

    Saturday November 12, 2011

    Come out to a free SharePoint Camp at the Manulife Centre in Toronto.  Envision IT is a sponsor for this year's event, and I will be speaking ​on SharePoint 2010 Extranets and Authentication. For details and to register, visit

  • Oct.26.2011

    Day One of TechDays 2011 in Toronto is wrapped, and my session on SharePoint Extranets went very well. Good feedback from the audience at the Congress Centre.

    Damir from Microsoft will be making the recorded sessions available, which I'll re-post as soon as we get them. In the meantime, here's the TechDays 2011 - CLB379 - SharePoint 2010 Extranets and Authentication presentation.

    More importantly for many, as promised I'm also including a copy of the LAB SQL FBA Configuration Checklist Excel that I demonstrated in the session. It helps organize the implementation of forms-based authentication in SharePoint 2010.

    For those of you in the Vancouver and Montreal areas, I will also be delivering this talk at those TechDays, on November 15-16, and 29-30, respectively.

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  • Oct.26.2011

    Day One of TechDays 2011 in Toronto is wrapped, and my session on Upgrading to SharePoint 2010 went very well. Good feedback from the audience at the Congress Centre.

    Damir from Microsoft will be making the recorded sessions available, which I'll re-post as soon as we get them. In the meantime, here's the TechDays 2011 - CLB376 - Upgrading and Migrating to SharePoint 2010, On-Premise and in the Cloud presentation.

    For those of you in the Vancouver and Montreal areas, I will also be delivering this talk at those TechDays, on November 15-16, and 29-30, respectively.

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  • Oct.21.2011

    I've attended all of the SharePoint Conferences over the years, but this year's conference in Anaheim was special on two fronts.  It was a first time for us to be exhibiting on the show floor as we launched out the new brand on our products side of the business, and I was speaking for the first time at the conference.

    I've spoken at numerous other events and confierences before, but SharePoint Conference was by far the biggest.  7,400 attendees from around the world is a big number, even if they are running up to 14 different tracks at the same time.  For the session the room was big, as was the crowd.

    I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Brad Freels, who is a Senior Collaboration Technology Specialist with Microsoft US.  The title of our talk was "With SharePoint Your Extranet is Easy".  Brad took the front part of the talk to walk through the different types of Extranets and the decision points related to their complexity, and presented a roadmap for determining what is involved in implementing an Extranet.  I then took over and focused on how you provision Extranet users, and walked through a case study of our Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada project.

    A copy of the presentation is available for viewing at SPC251 - With SharePoint Your Extranet is Easy.

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  • Apr.15.2011

    For those of you that didn't get a chance to get out to SharePoint Saturday in Mississauga in December, I repeated the Extranet session in a webinar today.  I've posted a PDF version of the deck.  Look for the video shortly.

    You can check out the other presentations and videos at  For details on the webinar series go to

  • Mar.20.2011

    I know it's long after the event, but I just got back onto the TechDays 2010 site and noticed that the videos from the Toronto sessions are available there now.  You can go to and see the session the Bill Brockbank and I delivered titled CLB372: Upgrading Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to SharePoint Server 2010.

  • Feb.02.2011

    It's been a tough 48 hours, but the joint Envision IT and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada Iron SharePoint champions.  Okay so we were the only ones competing, but it literally was 48 hours of work, and an amazing result.  BGCC gets a huge start on their Intranet project, along with the $5,000 in prize money that we have donated to them (generously provided by SharePoint Summit).

    We're still getting all the material organized (PowerPoints, collateral, blog posts, twitter feeds, videos, and even the live site), but here's the PowerPoint presentation we used to walk everyone through the solution today as a start.  Look for more over the next week as we pull all that together.

    A huge thank you to my team (James Brett, Janusz Cieplucha, and Mike Beaudry from Envision IT and Peter Walker and Susan Bower from BGCC).  They were fantastic and really put the effort in.

  • Feb.01.2011

    Janusz continues to refine the creative, with a final design solidifying.  Here's the latest look and feel:

    Splash Rev 1

    Meantime James is getting the foundations in place for the custom master page and layouts, and Mike has started building our XML file that we use with an internal tool to build the site columns, content types, and site structure.

  • Feb.01.2011

    We had a great requirements session yesterday afternoon with Susan and Peter from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.  We decided on Clubhouse as the name for the Intranet site we're building for them.

    Janusz burned the midnight oil and got us some great concepts for our 9:30 AM call today.  Have a look at his ideas here:

    Logo Options


  • Dec.16.2010

    Last night was a packed house at the TSPUG.  As promised I've uploaded TSPUG Presentation 2010-12-15.  I'd still like to add more to it, and may even repeat the session and record it, so check back for updates.

  • Nov.21.2010

    This session will take you through a mix of a technical and end user case study of Envision IT's SharePoint 2010 Intranet implementation.  I will be switching back and forth between the decisions we made, live demo of the results, and diving under the covers on how it was done.  The main flow will be:

    • Vision and Goals for the project
    • Logical Design
    • Service Architecture
    • Physical Architecture
    • Security Plan
    • Authentication
    • Managed Metadata
    • Enterprise Content Management (Document Management and Web Content Management)
    • Social Computing (Profile Import, My Sites, Tagging, Wikis, and Blogs)
    • Enterprise Search (SharePoint People Search, FAST Search with refiners and document previewers)
    • Office Web Applications and multi-authoring
    • BCS connection to Dynamics CRM 4.0

    We'll have a lot to cover in a two hour session, so come ready to learn!  Registration is available on the TSPUG MeetUp site at

  • Nov.15.2010

    For the third year in a row I had the opportunity to speak at Nick Bontis' KM Showcase for his MBA class on knowledge management and intellectual capital.  This is an award winning course featuring 50 of the brightest students in the McMaster MBA program.

    It's always great to be able to evangelize Microsoft SharePoint, Envision IT, and how we work with our clients to improve knowledge management in their organizations.

    Nick is an amazing speaker, and if you haven't had a chance to see him, you can learn more about him at

  • Nov.13.2010

    Looking forward to SharePoint Saturday Toronto at the Microsoft Canada headquarters tomorrow (Saturday November 13).  Find out all about it at  I have an Extranet session that you can learn more about at

    As well as speaking at the conference, Envision IT is sponsoring the raffle draw.  We are giving away an Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle.  If you haven't heard about Kinect, you will.  You can check out my other blog entries at

    You can view a copy of the presentation from the session at SPS Toronto 2010 Extranet Platforms

  • Nov.11.2010

    Hoping everyone took the time this Remembrance Day to remember the sacrifices made and the reasons why. I've been working with my wife's principal and staff at Milton District High School on their Holocaust to Hope conference this week. Check it out at A rewarding way to apply my SharePoint skills for a worthy cause.

    It's open to the public this Saturday if you're near Milton Ontario. Pretty powerful stuff.  They've done an amazing job of assembling a powerful group of speakers and weaving a story of how we can learn from past atrocities on how to be much more tolerant of others.

    [Read More]
  • Nov.09.2010

    I had a great birthday present this November 9th.  Envision IT was honoured to be presented the 2010 Microsoft IMPACT Award for Community Leadership by Eric Gales, President Microsoft Canada.

    We're very proud of the work we do with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, Community Living Toronto, Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario, UNICEF Canada, CAMH, Central Community Support Services Network, The Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, College of Early Childhood Educators, The Hospital for Sick Children and the Toronto Children’s Aid Society.

    You can read more about the award at

  • Jun.15.2010

    For those of you that didn't get a chance to catch our presentation on forms and workflows in SharePoint 2010 last week ( you have another opportunity.

    Next Tuesday (June 22) I will be speaking at the Mississauga SharePoint User Group, delivering the same topic.  As the audience is more technical at the MSPUG I may go deeper under the covers, but the main topics will remain the same.

    • Forms Services with InfoPath and SharePoint 2010
    • Visual Studio 2010 web parts (with both SharePoint list and Microsoft CRM integration)
    • Workflows (out of the box, SharePoint Designer, Visio Premium, and Visual Studio 2010)

    You can register for the session at

  • Mar.30.2010

    The Toronto SharePoint camp was a great success on March 20th.  Life's been busy since so I've been a little tardy on my postings.  Details on the session itself can be found in my previous post, and the slide deck can be downloaded from this post.

  • Mar.08.2010

    The second annual Toronto SharePoint Camp is coming on Saturday March 20th.  Details and registration can be found at  We are a Gold Sponsor, and have both myself and Joe Seguin ( speaking.

    I'll be talking about Extranets in SharePoint 2007 and 2010.  Here's a copy of my abstract.

    SharePoint is a platform not only for internal sites like Intranets and external sites like public web sites, but is also a great place to connect with customers, partners, vendors, and others outside your organization.  During this session you will learn some of the decision points when setting up your Extranet in SharePoint.

    • MOSS or WSS?
    • DMZ, firewalls, Forefront and security in general
    • Where are my user accounts?  AD or SQL forms-based authentication?  How do I setup forms-based authentication?
    • How do my business users setup sites and users?
    • Can I integrate it in with my back-end systems like Microsoft CRM?

    We will use real world SharePoint 2007 and 2010 examples to illustrate.  Extranets for Cadillac Fairview, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Heart and Stroke Foundation, and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada will be shown.

  • Feb.24.2010

    I spoke last week on web content management in 2010.  The talk gave an overview of WCM in SharePoint, and then we went through two scenarios.  The first was a live upgrade of a 2007 to 2010, followed by a new net build.

    For the upgrade we used the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario's Intranet site called Tickr.  This is a MOSS 2007 site that we launched for the HSFO last summer.  As part of Microsoft's Rapid Deployment Program, we are working with HSFO to create a 2010 version of the site (along with a net new Board of Directors portal in 2010).

    For the net new build, we are working with Samuel & Sons on building a new public web site, also as part of Microsoft's 2010 RDP program.

    I've made the PowerPoint slide deck from the presentation available as a download.  You can find it at What's New in Web Content Management in SharePoint 2010 2010-02-17.

    I promised during the session to post the details of the upgrade process, so I've created another post at Upgrading a MOSS 2007 WCM Site to 2010.

  • Feb.10.2010

    I'll be speaking at the next TSPUG meeting on Wednesday, February 17, 2010.  My topic for this meeting is Web Content Management with SharePoint 2010. I'll be covering the following:

    • Overview of WCM in SharePoint (site columns, content types, master pages, and layouts)
    • Upgrading an existing MOSS 2007 WCM site to 2010
    • Content database attach upgrade
    • Steps involved in updating a master page to be SP2010 compliant
    • Building a net new SP2010 WCM site
    • Building the site columns, content types, and site structure
    • Creating the master page and layouts in SharePoint Designer
    • Building a custom component in Visual Studio 2010
    • Site deployment

    6:00pm – Pizza and social

    6:30pm – Introductions and Q&A

    6:50pm – Web Content Management in SharePoint 2010

    8:30pm – Prizes and closing

    To register, click here

  • Dec.18.2009

    Ivan Neganov and I are collaborating on a performance tuning session for the January 12th Mississauga SharePoint Users Group meeting.

    Here's the synopsis:

    Performance and throughput are often among mission-critical characteristics of successful SharePoint applications. In this session we will discuss performance and throughput models and their use for planning of SharePoint farms, the application of these models during performance testing, and share real-life examples of delivering performance on enterprise-class SharePoint applications. Featured case studies will be Cadillac Fairview’s public facing retail web sites, and Canadian Tire’s Intranet (inTIREnet) and Dealer Extranet (Open House Portal).

  • Nov.17.2009

    For the second time the last few years I had a chance to present to Nick Bontis' MBA class at McMaster as part of his KM Showcase.  Both Nick and his KM class have built a great following, and it's always fun to join the other presenters and give our perspectives on Knowledge Management.

    Normally Michael Herman from my team gives this talk (he and Nick have known each other back to Michael's days at Microsoft.  Michael is at the PDC, so I subbed in for him.  You can read more about the PDC on his blog at

    Joining me to present were a mix of individuals:

    • Amit Bole - Accenture
    • Ashley Beattie - Department of National Defense
    • Martin Cleaver, Connie Crosby & Stephanie Barnes - Knowledge Workers Toronto
    • Julia Garboll - RIM - BlackBerry

    All the talks were great.  In particular Martin, Connie, and Stephanie were talking on their successes building a KM community in Toronto called Knowledge Workers Toronto (  Martin also runs a Wiki group at  If you're interested in learning more about KM and networking, you should check one of them out.

  • Oct.29.2009

    I’ve been meaning to get connected to the local SharePoint community for some time now.  I’ve heard good things about the Toronto SharePoint Users Group (TSPUG), and last night I decided to get out to a meeting.  Savash Alic from Microsoft Canada was out to give the first peaks at SharePoint 2010.  I had gotten to the SharePoint conference last week in Las Vegas so I had heard a much of the information, but there was just so much content in Vegas that there was no way you could get to it all.  Savash did a great job at hitting some of the highlights.  That is always a challenge, as SharePoint has become so big, there is no way you could remotely touch on it all in 90 minutes.

    If you’re interested in joining the community, I would encourage you to check out their site at  And for those of you that are in the west end and would rather not make the trek downtown, there is also a new Mississauga SharePoint User Group getting going.  I missed their inaugural meeting this past Monday, but their site is being graciously hosted by the Toronto group at  I plan on getting involved there as well, as we are based in Mississauga, right across from the Microsoft Canada offices.

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