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  • Mar.30.2015

    ​It's long overdue, but I've published a major update to our Envision Shakespeare Company reference project.  The previous update was last November, and a lot has changed since then.  The full package is available for download at

    The idea of the project is the same.  It still provides for a single scripted process that will create a complete web site, with adaptive mobile design, master page and page layouts, term-store driven navigation and friendly URLs, cross-site publishing and catalogs, and lots of content.

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  • Mar.26.2015

    ​​We've had a number of clients recently inquire about hosting their SharePoint in the cloud, but not in Office 365.  There are a number of scenarios where this makes sense.  It could be that you are looking to host your public web site, which Office 365 no longer supports.  Or you could be looking at hosting an Extranet, and the external sharing or licensing of your external users individually doesn't make sense (look for another post from me on that topic).  Regardless of the reason, one of the first questions we get is what are the costs.  Of course that depends, hence the white paper and calculator I've created.

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  • Mar.01.2015

    ​CollabCon is coming next week to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  As well as playing host for the three days, I will be presenting two sessions and two half day workshops.  Check them all out at

    • Building a Website on SharePoint 2013
    • Collaborating with External Users
    • SharePoint Extranets Half Day Workshop
    • Web Content Management Half Day Workshop
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