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  • Mar.04.2013

    ​I haven't been very active this past year on my blog site, and it hasn't been for a lack of topics.  The last twelve months have been a whirlwind.  I first got the beta bits for SharePoint 2013 at the MVP Summit in February 2012, and I've spent a lot of the last 12 months getting up to speed on all the changes and new features.  I have to say I'm very excited about 2013.  One of the comments I heard from Microsoft was they made a much bigger investment in ECM in the 2010 release, and this time in 2013 that switched to focusing on WCM.  That along with the recent pricing changes that have made SharePoint much more affordable for public web sites should open a wealth of opportunities to develop sites on SharePoint 2013.

    During the last year we've updated all of our products to run on SharePoint 2013, converted our Envision IT site, internal collaboration site, and my blog site to 2013, and delivered a lot of talks and webinars on SharePoint 2013.  You can see much of this on our Envision IT site at  Now it's time to start getting that knowledge organized so both our staff at Envision IT and the community in general can leverage it.

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  • Mar.04.2013

    ​​Table of Contents​

    • Introduction
    • Envision Shakespeare Company Project Background
    • The Team
    • Vision and Scope
    • Agile Development
    • Responsive Design Goals
    • Information Architecture
    • Wireframes
    • Creative Design
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • HTML Mock-Ups
    • Application Lifecycle Management
    • Development Environment
    • TFS and Continuous Integration
    • Site Columns and Content Types
    • Design Manager and Snippet Gallery
    • Master Page
    • Navigation
    • Page Layouts
    • Multi-lingual
    • Accessibility
    • Site Structure
    • Search
    • Content Search Web Part
    • Display Templates
    • Cross-Site Publishing
    • Topic Pages
    • Image and Video Renditions
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Usage Analytics
    • Workflows
    • Permissions
    • Extranet Requirements
    • Digital Marketing Suite
    • Custom Web Parts and Apps
    • Hosting Options - On-Premise, Office 365, Azure, Third-Party
    • Technical Architecture
    • Staging and Production build and deployment
    • Quality Assurance
    • Change Management
    • Training
    • Content Authoring
    • Go Live
    • Post-Launch Support
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