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  • Nov.29.2012

    On November 29th I delivered a Webcast on SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites (FIS) on Windows Azure with Stephen Giles,​ Partner Technology Advisor of Microsoft Canada. Envision IT is now an Azure Circle Partner, and we see Cloud solutions as an affordable way for organizations to stay connected and flexible while increasing productivity and growing their business.

    SharePoint 2010 FIS on  Azure enables you to

    • Rapidly deploy and host your business websites on a secure, scalable cloud infrastructure
    • Rapidly deploy the infrastructure for a partner extranet site
    • Rapidly deploy the infrastructure for a customer internet site using Windows Azure virtual machines

    With SharePoint FIS on Windows Azure you can scale as your website traffic grows and pay only for what you use.

    In this session we discussed how SharePoint FIS on Windows Azure helps reduce your time-to-market with new websites, provide a full extensible platform for both internal and external websites, and only pay for what you need.

    We also showcased the consultation and deployment options available for you from Envision IT. 

    You can view the presentation at the link below

    SharePoint FIS on Azure

  • Nov.06.2012

    ​On November 6th I delivered a Webinar on SharePoint 2013 and the Envision IT Digital Marketing Suite of Products. I demonstrated how images and videos are handled in SharePoint 2013, and showed how the Digital Marketing Suite of Products help make SharePoint easier to use and provide a richer end user experience.

    • Video Player allows you to stream videos from a variety of sources onto different devices
    • Photo Viewer provides easier sharing and management of images
    • Image Rotator allows images that are stored in a SharePoint Asset Library to be displayed in rotating sequence on a web site
    • Custom 404 will help eliminate 404 errors, broken or missing links, and mistyped URLs

    You can view the presentation from the link below

    Presentation - SharePoint 2013 and the Digital Marketing Suite

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