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  • Jul.09.2016

    ​​​​I actually thought I had already written this blog post, but it turns out it never made it out of OneNote draft mode and into my blog.  It's about time I start writing again, so here's my first post in while, appropriately on warming up (SharePoint that is).

    It's a fairly long post, so I here's a summary of what we're going to cover.

    • When SharePoint recycles every night, the first person in next experiences very slow page loads
    • Setting a scheduled task to "warm-up" SharePoint after this happens dramatically improves those first page loads
    • If you have client side code calling APIs (REST or CSOM), those APIs need to be warmed up too
    • You can ​configure IIS to have SharePoint recycle at a predictable time every night, and then warm up right after that
    ​ ...
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